Digital Solutions for Rail Surface Assessment

KLD Labs offers an automated machine vision systems (RailScope™) for assessing the rail surface.

KLD Labs’ system incorporates the latest machine vision technology to collect and analyze high resolution images of the rail surface all while traveling at track speeds. The rail surface can be damaged by poor wheel/rail interface, high contact stresses, wheel burns, and other rolling contact fatigue forces leading to corrugations, shelling, spalling, etc. The video cameras capture full longitudinal images of the rail section to aid in the planning of rail grinding and defect detection evaluation.

The RailScope™ sensor heads are mounted beneath a railway vehicle. The central computer and peripherals are housed inside the vehicle. As the vehicle travels down the track, high-resolution images of the running section are processed and stored on the central computer. This information is stored internally and transfer off the vehicle to enable data playback and analysis.

The image on the right was captured by the KLD Labs RailScope™ and in this instance indicates serious railhead damage.  RailScope™ digital imagery truly raises the bar in rail inspection.  This specific image could be used to determine how much material should be removed to eliminate the defect when planning rail grinding operations.   Likewise, these digital images can be used to image rail surface corrugation, shelling and spalling before and after rail grinding activities to verify defect removal, the quality of the grind, and to provide a digital confirmation to the railway that flaws have been removed.  For further information RailScope and for technical assistance contact KLD Labs here.