Digital Solutions for Rail Grinding

KLD Labs offers automated machine vision systems in single and dual camera configurations for monitoring the infield rail profile against a rail grinding template to monitor before and after grinding to evaluate the restoration of the rail crown. Over time the rail profile wears due to friction at the rail and wheel interface. The grinding process restores the shape of the rail. In order to facilitate this process KLD Labs’ measurement technology is used throughout the world as critical input to the rail grinding planning and maintenance practices.

KLD Labs’ system incorporates the latest machine vision technology to collect and analyze high resolution images of the rail profile and make direct comparisons to rail grinding templates while traveling at track speeds.   The video cameras capture cross-sectional rail profiles to aid in the planning and evaluation of rail grinding.

The rail profile sensor heads are mounted beneath a railway vehicle and are designed to operate and perform reliably in the extremes of the rail grinding environment.  The central computer and peripherals are housed inside the vehicle.  As the vehicle travels down the track, high-resolution images of the running section are processed and stored on the central computer.  This information is displayed to the operator for immediate feedback as well as stored internally.  The data stored can then be transferred off the vehicle to enable data playback and analysis.

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