Digital Solutions for Wheel Profile Measurement Monitoring

KLD Labs offers both automated and portable measurement tools for assessing the wheel profile and wheel wear condition as well as tools for condition-based maintenance planning and execution. The wheel profile output is utilized for asset optimization, condition-based maintenance, wheel rail interface analysis including equivalent conicity, and contact patch studies. These tools play an important role in managing the wheel component of the wheel rail interface that can reduce friction and decrease energy consumption which are important to greener railway operations.

The WheelScan™ system provides immediate feedback on the wheel wear and wheel profile of every axle of each train that passes wayside measurement system. Employing the latest imaging and laser technologies, the WheelScan™ system takes wheel profile images and perform dimensional measurements on each wheel or tyre in real-time.  The WheelScan™ system is designed to measure wheel profile, flange height, flange width, qR, flange angle, rim thickness, back-to-back gauge, wheel diameter, as well as other customer specific wheel parameters in real-time and at track speeds.

This system is designed to be installed in mainline track, marshalling yards as well as in maintenance workshops for the real-time evaluation of these key wheel parameters.  The system also integrates with other track-based measurement and detection systems including wheel impact, brake and bogie (truck) monitoring equipment as well as maintenance management systems. Each wheel image is synchronized with vehicle identification information, dimensionally evaluated and then transferred to offsite archiving server.

KLD’s web-enabled TrainBase© data management application for fleet analysis and reporting. The system is compatible with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP and Maximo as well as KLD’s applications for comprehensive vehicle evaluation, trending, predictive maintenance and exception reporting.  For additional information on our automated systems please contact KLD Labs here.


KLD Labs is the North American representative for the entire line of MiniProf instruments. For portable wheel measurement KLD Labs can provide the MiniProf BT Wheel instrument.  This is an easy to use, lightweight, hand-held wireless tool for accurately monitoring cross sectional profiles of the wheel.  It is attached magnetically to the backside of the flange and measurements take about 5 seconds to complete.  The user interface is any Android phone or a Window 10 notebook or tablet. The instrument can be used on many different wheel types ranging from trams to locomotives.  KLD Labs can provide a fully tested ruggedized notebook or tablet PC pre-loaded with the MiniProf BT Envision software as well as a ruggedized Android phone pre-loaded with the MiniProf BT Android’s Criterion software. For more information on the MiniProf BT please go here. For a short video on the MiniProf BT Wheel’s operation click on the photo on the link below it. For answers to questions and a product quotation contact KLD here.