Digital Solutions for Coupler Assessment

Couplers have always been an important area for inspection.  Now with longer and more heavily loaded trains, it has become more essential. Couplers with missing components or mismatched knuckle heights that can create safety concerns are receiving more scrutiny as a result of KLD’s CouplerScan™ System.

Developed in response to this need to bolster inspection with remote technology, KLD’s CouplerScan™ System operates at track speeds and automatically captures and stores high resolution images of variety coupler configurations for detailed defect detection and safety compliance. The system uses the KLD’s proven cameras and light sources used in our family of Scanning products to ensure a reliable and field proven design. CouplerScan™ utilizes KLD’s The TruckScan™ System, supported by KLD’s web enabled TrainBase© data management application for comprehensive vehicle evaluation, trending, predictive maintenance and exception reporting. The system is also compatible with enterprise resource planning (ERP) asset management systems such as SAP and Maximo.