Asset management

Railways make massive investments in their track infrastructure, power system, signal systems and their rolling stock each year which all have to be maintained in a state-of-good-repair.  Effective asset management is key to achieving maximum system availability and smooth operations.  KLD Labs has a broad product line of digital solutions and systems that measure and help manage assets.  These includes rail profile, rail wear, 3rd rail wear and geometry, rail surface condition, wheel and brake wear, truck and bogie component condition, thermal conditions as well as other measurement, detection and inspection solutions that support asset management.  We are also adept with managing Big Data and have the data storage and analysis software solutions which are vital elements of managing rail assets.

For vehicles, KLD Labs has a cloud-based browser accessible solution called TrainBase©. This data management application is available in any local language and is used by railways around the world to manage the condition of their rolling stock assets.  TrainBase supports heavy haul freight and mining, high speed, intercity, passenger, commuter, metro, light rail, streetcars and tram railways. KLD solutions integrate well with all railways enterprise asset management systems and TrainBase also provides railways with the necessary reporting, trending, predictive and analysis tools needed to support optimal asset management.  For more information on our solutions contact KLD Labs here.