Aerosol Dispersion

KLD Labs developed the DC-IV to measure droplet size distribution and performs various volumetric computations including VmD, SMD and MMD for water and oil-based liquids.  DC-IV is used widely by organizations that must calibrate their equipment to maintain precise dispersion standards.   Based upon the hot-wire concept utilized in KLD’s successful DC-II, DC-III and AIMS units, the DC-IV is the latest generation and incorporates the best features of the previous units as well as providing a USB interface.  This interface allows users to view, store and print droplet distributions and volumetric computations from a notebook computer.  All data is stored in ASCII file format for a permanent record and to allow post analysis with spreadsheet packages such as Excel or user-defined programs.


  • Insecticide Sprayer Calibration Spray systems may be adjusted for maximum effectiveness and coverage
  • Air Pollution Control of Power Plant Emissions The effectiveness of wet scrubbers and mist eliminator systems can be assessed
  • Operation of Power Plant Cooling Towers Evaluation of source drift emissions for towers
  • Dispersions from Aerosol Spray Cans Droplet size can be assessed so that spray will conform with safe-inhalation regulations
  • Spray Nozzle Design Spray nozzle research, design and quality control can be easily optimized and validated

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