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Truck / Bogie Evaluation

Truck Bogie Evaluation

The TruckScan™ System is a wayside monitoring system that checks the bogie (truck) conditions at track speeds.  Employing the latest imaging technology the TruckScan™ system can be installed as an add-on or standalone system to  automate the inspection of key areas of the truck including spring condition, wedge rise limit (friction casting rise), bearing and end cap.  Rail cars with worn, missing, or asymmetrically component conditions can be automatically detected and flagged to ensure a safe running condition exist for each train.  All flagged components are cross-referenced with each vehicles unique vehicle identification number.

The TruckScan™ System, supported by KLD’s web-enabled TrainBase© data management application for comprehensive vehicle evaluation, trending, predictive maintenance and exception reporting., The system is also compatible with enterprise resource planning (ERP) asset management systems such as  SAP and  Maximo.

TruckScan System
Detected Broken Spring

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