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Brake Assessment

Brake Assessment

KLD Labs offers automated wayside measurement equipment for assessing the wear conditions of brake shoes/pads/discs. In addition, we also offer portable tools for assessing the brake discs.


The BrakeScan™ system automates the brake inspection process and provides immediate feedback on the brake wear condition of each vehicle, car or wagon that passes wayside measurement system.  By incorporating the latest imaging technology, the BrakeScan™ system acquires high resolution brake profile images and performs dimensional measurements on each brake in real-time.  The system can also be integrated with other wayside detectors including wheel profile, wheel impact and hot wheel detection systems for identifying brake system that may be locked up or malfunctioning.  All BrakeScan™ measurements and vehicle identification information is captured and archived on KLD’s web enabled TrainBase© data management application for detailed analyses, trending and exception reporting.


  • Detect and Measure Brake Shoes
  • Detect and Measure Hollow Discs
  • Accurately Identify Disc Brake Sets Exceeding Wear Standards
  • Collect Brake Profile Data for Disc Resurfacing or Replacement
  • Database Brake Measurements and Vehicle Historical Information


For portable brake assessment the MiniProf Brake instrument is an easy to use, lightweight and handheld tool for monitoring cross sectional profiles of the brake disc. It is attached magnetically to the backside of the flange. The instrument can be used on many different brake types ranging from cheek to axles mounted designs. The instruments are normally used with a laptop or rugged handheld computer for data collection. For more information on the MiniProf: http://www.greenwood.dk/miniprofbrake.php


BrakeScan System
BrakeScan System Overview
Portable Brake Assessment

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