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Fleet Monitoring

Fleet Monitoring

Throughout the world railways from Light Rail to Heavy Haul freight are battling the balance of maintenance, safety and the availability of these assets. Due to rising costs, limited maintenance capacities and increased traffic, loads, and ridership, railways can no longer depend on only subjective visual inspeciton techniques and manual go/no go inspection gauges to plan and optimize maintenance of their key assets and reduce risk.

Management decisions today demand accurate metrics on the rate of degradation of their vehicle and components to implement condition based maintenance as well as plan for future long term capital expenditures.

KLD Labs’ rolling stock monitoring systems and analysis database enables railways around the world to raise the level of information from the shop floor to management’s desktop. We offer a wide variety of automated and portable measurement systems for assessment of the wear of wheels, bogie and trucks, couplers, and brake components. Please view the rest of our webpage for currently deployed technology that is helping railways around the world better manage their assets and if you require a specific application that you do not see please feel free to Contact our engineers for advice on a technical solution.

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