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Measure, Monitor and Manage Your Assets

KLD Lab’s suite of advanced monitoring systems and analytical tools enables our global network of customers to continuously evaluate and optimize the life of their assets.

Track Condition

Smart infrastructure inspection & assessment

Rolling Stock Condition

Smart automatic fleet inspection & assessment

Asset Management

Big Data analytical tools for condition assessment and predictive maintenance

On Track With Your Digital Solutions

For over 35 years, KLD Labs has been a global provider of digital solutions for asset management. 

Our cutting-edge portable, onboard and wayside inspection and measurement technologies utilize machine vision, neural networks, artificial intelligence, specialized image processing techniques and directed data management so to automate our customer’s ability to assess the condition of their assets, maintenance programs and facilitate ongoing state of good repair initiatives. KLD Labs also has the entire line of wireless MiniProf BT profilometers for rail, wheel, brake and switch inspection along with the supporting software and interfaces. 

KLD Labs offer automated
and portable tools for vehicle component assessment.

KLD Labs offer automated
and portable tools for infrastructure assessment.

KLD Labs offer cloud-based
asset management solutions.
KLD Labs offers systems to
collect wheel and rail profiles and analyze the interface.

KLD takes great pride in the long-term working relationships with customers we have established around the globe with many of these solutions still in service after 30 years.  In each case these projects had unique challenges, new measurements, or integration requirements that KLD and our customers worked closely to deliver a complete digital solution. To learn more or to discuss your application, please feel free to contact KLD.